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AE Roulette 3D

A Very thrilling and interesting game AE Roulette 3D is in your phone now! Pick up your courage to spin the wheel! Any feedback please emails us, because we can’t reply on comments. Thanks very much for all your support in our games! *** How to play*** You can place bets on either a single num...

2013-12-12 分类:其他 版本:v1.3.0.0 大小:13 MB 浏览:281

3D Akranoid

Inspired by 2d classics like breakout/arkanoid, but based on unique 3d gameplay and smoothly rendered with amazing graphics, realistic 3d physics. Infinite levels with progressive difficulty. How far can you go? Real-time global leaderboards and unlimited fun! Very small download (less than 8 Mb!...

2013-12-12 分类:其他 版本:v1.7.1.0 大小:11 MB 浏览:250

3D Paperball

Flick the paperball into the bin in a true 3d environment with credible 3d physics. Multiple shooting styles are supported! For example, use bounces against objects to redirect the ball into the basket and get extra paperballs. Or shake the phone to slam the ball into the basket (more bonus paper...

2013-12-12 分类:其他 版本:v1.11.1.0 大小:12 MB 浏览:229

Brick Puzzle 3D Free

"Brick Puzzle 3D" is a puzzle game where two players try to work out the strategy to get more points on the field than the opponent. Be creative and try to beat the Artificial Intellect in three different difficulty levels....

2013-12-12 分类:其他 版本:v2.3.0.0 大小:9 MB 浏览:240

AE 3D 摩托 - 失落之城

摩托2携带多款炫酷摩托,数十种绚丽的游戏场景和丰富的游戏道具重磅来袭! 逼真的游戏画面,恰当的游戏控制,让你一开始玩就欲罢不能。 由于不能直接回复评论,如果您有任何建议,请E-mail给我们,感谢你对我们游戏的支持! 在3D 摩托2,你能体验到更加流畅的游戏控制。风景各异的自然景观,让你的赛车旅程用不寂寞!不仅如此,努力集齐路上那些散开的拼图碎片,它会带给你一个大大的惊喜哦! 如果你喜欢神庙逃脱,地铁跑酷,暴力摩托,黑暗摩托,狂飙摩托,Lane Splitter,速度与激情,极品飞车,超级竞速等竞速与跑跳游戏,那你一定不能错过这个游戏哦! 来挑战吧!神秘的古遗迹在前面等着你!...

2013-12-12 分类:其他 版本:v1.1.0.0 大小:43 MB 浏览:427

AE 3D 摩托

来奔驰吧!3D 摩托中文版来了! 炫酷的3D效果,身临其境的野外风光,公路冒险不枯燥不寂寞! 两种视角展现给你不一样的驾驶体验。 还等什么,一起加入吧! 任何意见和建议,请E-mail我们。感谢您对3D摩托的支持和关注。 如果你喜欢暴力摩托,黑暗摩托,狂飙摩托,神庙逃脱,地铁跑酷,暴Lane Splitter,速度与激情,极品飞车,超级竞速等竞速与跑跳游戏,那你一定不能错过这个游戏哦! ***游戏玩法*** - 点击屏幕加速,不止提高速度,分数也会加倍。 - 左右晃动屏幕来控制行驶方向。 - 注意躲避车辆和障碍物。 - 惊险的超车动作会获得额外分数奖励。...

2013-12-12 分类:其他 版本:v1.2.0.0 大小:17 MB 浏览:375

3D Boat Race

Paint your powerful speedboat and challenge other Windows Phone users on 100 different tracks, to become the top pilot worldwide! Or perform free roaming stunts in a dedicated playground, while relaxing between races! 3D game with realistic 3d physics, smooth rendering, fantastic gameplay and real...

2013-12-12 分类:其他 版本:v1.8.1.0 大小:10 MB 浏览:245

Traffic Race 3D Free

Dare to race in traffic? Speed down a road with ever increasing traffic. Avoid all cars and signs and try to get as far as possible. Higher speeds increases the bonus but how long can you go on without breaking? This version includes Ads. See Traffic Race 3D Premium for an Ad free version. ----...

2013-12-12 分类:其他 版本:v1.2.5.0 大小:14 MB 浏览:249

Fire Truck 3D

**“One of the most addictive driving game ever made!”** **FREE download - Tons of content to enjoy** **3D HD graphics – Realistic physics-based environment** -------------------------------------------------------------- Alert! This is not a drill! Grab your helmet and get ready to drive fast! Br...

2013-12-12 分类:其他 版本:v1.0.0.1 大小:25 MB 浏览:114

3D Marble Tracks

Challenge other Windows Phone 7 users around the globe in this marble race game, sporting amazing 3d graphics and realistic 3d physics! Paint your marble with your favorite colors, so other players can recognize you in their races and leaderboards. Gain your placement in the global leaderboards by...

2013-12-12 分类:其他 版本:v1.7.1.0 大小:14 MB 浏览:165
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