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Dungeon Hunter 4

勇敢出击,挑战史上最受好评的RPG动作冒险游戏,感受其逼真的场景、成熟的设计和引人入胜的情节! *****重新揭开地牢爬行者令人震颤的神秘面纱 — 感受史诗般的故事情节,体验震撼人心的游戏场景 — 清扫数以百计的敌人,击杀丰富强大的Boss — 赢取海量奖励 *****体验身临其境般逼真的RPG — 四种角色职业任你选择,体验每种职业不同的战斗风格 — 强化你的战斗技能 — 感受定制乐趣,锻造并强化你的装备 — 展示战士们的震撼神力 *****参加多人玩家战斗 — 投身联合作战竞技场感受紧张刺激的战斗 — 在PVP模式中秀出你强悍的战斗技能! 被认为在远古时期就早已灭绝的恶魔再次席...

2013-12-12 分类:其他 版本:v1.0.0.0 大小:947 MB 浏览:379

The Rpg:Nolava

The first rpg game from appfub, Nolava is part of the rpg series from appfub. For more info go to www.appfub.com Defeat evil in Nolava! -hours of gameplay -combat system -quests -fun -1.1 - small bug fix Please buy the game,so we can continue our work have Fun!...

2013-12-12 分类:其他 版本:v1.1.0.0 大小:16 MB 浏览:230

DiceBox RPG

New in DiceBox RPG 1.1: Percentile d10’s Dice modifiers - Press and hold a die to apply a modifier. Graphical enhancements. German language support. ------------ DiceBox RPG brings spectacular 3D role playing dice to your Windows Phone 7. Using the same ultra realistic physics as the original Dic...

2013-12-12 分类:其他 版本:v1.1.0.0 大小:1 MB 浏览:254

8 Bit RPG Creator Cuddly Creatures

This Cuddly Creatures edition includes the full RPG Creator app plus 4 new heroes, 60 new body parts, 30 new weapons parts, 2 new spells, and 4 new songs! (NOTE: This program is for entertainment purposes only and is not for professional game development.) The Frame Editor: The games you make will...

2014-04-04 分类:其他 版本:v1.0.0.0 大小:33 MB 浏览:243

8 Bit RPG Creator

Snap together your own 8-bit rpg within minutes! Put together your own enemies and NPC's using over 60 body parts and over 1,000,000 possible character combinations (Or 90 body parts and 10,000,000 combinations with the full version)! Build your own customized weapons and weapon shops; draw your own...

2014-04-07 分类:其他 版本:v1.0.0.0 大小:26 MB 浏览:185

RPG With Me

RPG WITH ME. LET'S PRETEND. If you're looking for a good time, you came to the right app! Sign in, say something and let's begin your interesting journey! Have Fun!...

2014-04-28 分类:其他 版本:v1.0.0.2 大小:3 MB 浏览:297

Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury (RPG)

Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury, begins with the Other World Tournament Saga of Dragon Ball Z and continues through the Kid Buu Saga, which represents the very end of the DBZ storyline. Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury is a realtime, battle-based roleplaying game that challenges players to experience the thrill ...

2015-07-22 分类:其他 版本:v1.0.0.0 大小:7 MB 浏览:150

Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones (RPG)

Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones RPG is now able to play on Windows Phone. Enjoy the game and rate us 5 stars for our efforts. Thank you!!!...

2015-07-22 分类:其他 版本:v1.0.0.0 大小:10 MB 浏览:203


RPG MO is an online multiplayer role-playing game that requires time and dedication. It is a simple yet addictive game where you can fight monsters and try out 15 different skills.Game contains interaction with other players, digital purchases and mild fantasy violence. Fix black screen on start....

2015-07-31 分类:其他 版本:v1.0.0.2 大小:3 MB 浏览:199

Pocket RPG

Enter a world overrun by hordes of monsters. Explore trapfilled dungeons and face mighty bosses. Collect piles of treasure and items and invest in dozens of abilities and unlockable equipment. Test your skills against the oncoming darkness. Pocket RPG is a dualstick action dungeoncrawler. In it you...

2015-10-24 分类:其他 版本:v2014.1113.852.3937 大小:115 MB 浏览:142
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